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Jinnah India Partition Independence by Jaswant Singh

Publisher: Rupa  Language: English  Binding: Hardcover  ISBN: 9788129113788 
Jinnah India Partition Independence

Summary of Jinnah India Partition Independence

‘Lord Mountbatten: I tried every trick I could play... to shake Jinnah's resolve….Nothing would…move him from his consuming determination to realise the dream of Pakistan...The date I chose (for Independence) came out of the blue. I was determined to show I was master of the whole event.’ This is paralysing in its insensitivity, the sheer horror of mountbatten’s casual untruthfulness, in how trivial this last viceroy’s approach was to a grim and unprecedented tragedy. The partition of India, has been the most wounding trauma of the twentieth century. Who was/is responsible – Jinnah? The congress party? Or the British? Jinnah’s political journey began as an ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity, yet ended with his becoming the ‘sole spokesman’ of Muslims in India; the creator of Pakistan, the Quaid-e-Azam.

Indiaplaza Review

There's something about Jinnah that draws the BJP to it like moths to a flame. Sometime back, L K Advani courted controversy with his views on Jinnah and now Jaswant Singh (foreign and defence minister in the BJP led NDA government under Vajpayee) does the same with his just released book Jinnah: India - Partition - Independence

The book has been all over the media in the past few days, so we dropped everything, picked up a copy and went to read. Here's what we have for you.

Let's face facts first. The partition happened. It was architected by Jinnah who pushed hard for a separate country for Muslims in a region which had the highest number of Muslims in the world till then. Depending on which side of the border you are; history books in school and scholars will present different views and perspectives on the leaders who were involved at that time.

This is Jaswant Singh's view and like with any other view, there is no right or wrong.

As for the book, what stands out is the research that has gone into the project. The final result of all this is a hardbound tome at 665 pages, although that's not the only reason why we referred to the book as heavy stuff. In a sense, it is a history of India primarily from the background of the Muslim invaders as they attacked Northern India, the inevitable mixing of cultures that took place, the impact of the other traders in the 19th century (the firangis as is referred to throughout the book), the push for independence and the final partition.

It recounts the life and times of Jinnah, his family and friends; how he made his mark in Indian politics and from a supporter of independence transformed into the sole representative of all Muslims and the creator of Pakistan (The Quaide-E-Azam).

The book has its moments - the sections Gandhi-Jinnah talks Parts I and II, the final negotiations between Gandhi and Jinnah, the hardening of views on both sides, the failure of Rajagopalachari to implement his Rajaji formula - make for riveting drama.

The controversy over the book (Jaswant Singh has been expelled by the BJP on Aug 19th, two days after the release of the book), currently playing out on the front pages and breaking news on televisions will create some more interest in the general public but at the end, this will appeal largely to students of history,politics and Indian freedom struggle.

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Jinnah India Partition Independence

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